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3A Legion Outpost

3A Legion Outpost [1] is ThreeA's main official community and source for connecting with its fans.

The forum formerly utilized the free hosting site Hyperboards [2], so the coding had issues, but it provided a great free service for ThreeA's start. During the August 2010 drop of Heavy Bramble Mk 3, the 3A hyperboards forum was hit with a great deal of server loading issues, and thus the new forum was made live.

Buying, selling or trading (sometimes referred to as "BST") are officially disallowed on the official 3A forum, so a separate Unofficial 3A BST Forum was created by ennui. The Unofficial 3A BST Forum is invite or application only in order to protect the private community by monitoring the integrity of the members involved in buying, selling and trading.

Ashley Wood and mr12fingers are the forum administrators and ThreeA has been known to utilize 3A Forums as a source for communicating with fans, announcing releases, sharing tentative ideas, and posting sneak peaks of upcoming figure prototypes.

The 3A Legion Outpost begun with only one official rule, which was "Don't be a shit!" Basic behavioral ethics that are expected at 3A Forums could be read in the LISTEN UP! thread and Frequently Asked Questions thread. As the fan-base grew larger, 3A Forums has since experienced an overhaul. The new direction included designing specific rules similar to those of more formal message boards, updating the viewing protocol to members only, and reorganizing the navigational direction of the forum's boards and categories.


A list of 3A Forums moderators:

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