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AK Primer is a 12" x 12" format comic book, previously known as "An End to Adventure," published by ThreeA Publishing that is included in the 3AA Bonus Pack (2011) and the first printed media to represent the Adventure Kartel universe outside of the information on figures' boxes and the bonus mini-comics. In the AK Primer story, Bleak Mission narrates to a bound Zomb the destruction of Andria, the mysterious appearance of Zombs, Robots and Ghosts, Seht Shadow's development of New Andria, and the formation of the Adventure Kartel.

The AK Primer comic also includes all of the Adventure Kartel mini-comics and paintings printed between the Boiler Zomb (first figure) and Acolyte Zomb (seventh figure).

AK Primer is, in short, an introduction to the Adventure Kartel Adventure Annual of Adventure. It is the first published book set in the Adventure Kartel universe and focuses primarily on the exploits of Bleak Mission the father of adventure.

"its all bleak, you dont think im gonna give up the AK story. still you will see soon" - Ashley Wood via his Twitter.

Characters Featured

A list of characters featured in the AK Primer story (in order of appearance):

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