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The AVA body is an original ThreeA designed and produced female body form. The body was released in two versions; the Alpha and Beta version. The main difference between the two body types is the cut in the hips. Where the Beta AVA body is not capable of sitting down, the Alpha AVA body is capable of sitting. As it is understood, the Beta AVA body may or may not be used for future releases depending on the individual figure.

A third AVA body has been developed but has not been seen yet. It is believed to have superior articulation to the Alpha body.

Articulation comparison to male body

The articulation on the entire figure is equal to that of male figures with two minor differences:

  • The neck has one additional articulation point under the jaw of the figure's head sculpt.
  • The knees on the AVA body have one point of articulation whereas the male ThreeA body has two points of articulation.

Beta AVA Body

A list of figures released with the Beta AVA Body:

Alpha AVA Body

A list of figures released with the Alpha AVA Body:

New AVA Body

A list of figures released with the New Ava Body: