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Ankou Sentry advert

Ankou Sentry, most commonly referred to as simply "Ankou," likes to squish Zomb heads, and pretty much anything else. The everyday defender of Newandria says hello !

A similar figure, Ankou Ex has also been released.

Text from the 3A Newsletter

Of course we can't all have our own 1:1 Ankou kicking around the house, so 3A has made a dinky 1/6th replica to make you feel more safe at night. Coming in at 12" tall, with a very posable googly eye, clipper claws that are very clippy, a very dapper boiler suit, pouches, a fully painted body and a double-sided poster/comic. Ankou is available in single BLIND-boxes (get one of 5 random known Ankous) for 80USD (that price includes worldwide shipping) or the Bamblaland exclusive THREEWAY PACK, featuring Shadow Security, Police and N.L.C.S for 220USD (price includes worldwide shipping).

Chase Ankou are available in single boxes, these are random and not dependent on amount purchased or sex appeal.

Variations of AK Ankou

A list of variations of AK Ankou:

Releases of Ankou

A list of releases including Ankou Sentry:

  • Single Blind Box (featuring Shadow Security, Police and N.L.C.S and two secret chase Ankou),
  • Exclusive Ankou Sentry Threeway pack (featuring the three standard Ankou released in the blind boxes),
  • Exclusive surprise Ankou 2way pack (N.L.C.S. Commander Ankou, in a yellow suit, and the first Zomb 2 release Commander Zomb, in white blood stained Boiler Suit).