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Prototype of Bertie Mk 3 Mode B
Prototype of Bertie Mk 3 Mode B
Mk2 & Mk3 comparison

Bertie Mk 3 is the Mark 3 version of Bertie released November 2010 in the WWR toy line. Bertie Mk 3 is measures 19.5" tall and comes in two different versions, "Suppression" and "Standard" (later abandoned in favour of "Mode A" and "Mode B").

Mode A version will come with a Shotgun and Mode B with double cannons.

Although Ash had initially stated that he would not release Bertie Mk 3 in the WWRp toy line because he liked thed size for both 1/6th and 1/12th scales, a 1/12 WWRp scale version was eventually produced.

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