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Bramble Painting from the WWR book

Bramble was the 2nd bot released in the WWR line, although the first robot figure produced by threeA.

In the WWRp scale, Brambles were released on Bambaland in 6-packs, and also in retail singles. The 2009 3AA membership exclusive figure was a WWRp Bramble, and it was the first bot released in the WWRp scale.

Printed Text from the Box

Rothchild Bramble MK2;

During the siege of Madrid, the Rothchild Bramble Mk2 made it's historic debut. Mobile, and an ability to pack heavy firepower the Bramble Mk2 made a formidable opponent. Early models did encounter engine fire problems due to poor cooling and featured an overly bullish A.I. which led the Bramble Mk2 to have a rather gung-ho persona and was seemingly unperturbed by superior enemy firepower and unwinnable situations. This behavioral anomaly led to the Bramble Mk2 gaining a near legendary status with both Earth and Mars ground forces early in it's commission.

Bramble Mk2 was developed by Rothchild as an answer to Bertie's vocal critics. With an ability to traverse most terrains easily and fast while utilizing it's heavy armour and firepower, the Bramble Mk2 could go and fight and win where Bertie faltered.

Bramble Mk2 are still manufactured in high numbers making them a common sight in the battlefield and private security, Bramble Mk2 was the first Rothchild robot to be given the A.F.R. (Armoured Fighting Robot) classification.

WWR Bramble Colorways

A list of colorways released for WWR Bramble:

WWRp Bramble Colorways

A list of colorways released or announced for WWRp Bramble Mk 2:

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