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Deep Powder is one of three winter themed colorways (others include Frosty Choad, and Winter Defense), and spans a number of robots in the WWR and WWRp lines. This colorway appeared abandoned in favour of Winter Defense until WWRp Deep Powder Bertie Mk 2 appeared in WAVE TWO, this version still differed greatly from the original Deep Powder Bramble (which used black instead of aqua for the insignia/decals, and did not include the yellow tints). The Frosty Choad Super Pack was said to contain a Deep Powder colourway, but developed into a new, unique colorway: Frosty Choad. Deep Powder Bertie Mk 3 is the first winter themed WWR scale bot, since the original Deep Powder Bramble Mk 2, to return to the original Deep Powder colorway.

The color scheme is primarily white with light yellow tints, and minor rust. It also features aqua or black highlights and decals, contains the number "3" text, and a graphic leaf/vine type pattern, as well as snowflakes.

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