Fighting JC

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Fighting JC

Fighting JC is Tommy Mission's best friend and a member of the Adventure Kartel (team).

All versions of Fighting JC come with severed Zomb head, which is allegedly the head of Blind Oracle Zomb.

Text from the 3A Newsletter

High above where mortal thoughts do not venture, the Big Guy sat and contemplated his creation. Clouded in spittle, blood and smoke he figured things have not gone so well. The Big Guy slightly shifted in his chair and called forth his son, "Son, it's a bit shit down there, so bugger it... I'm sending you back.

He does not love you, but he will save you anyway...

Fighting JC story

A Fighting JC story by Ashley Wood from 3A Forums:

I have a great scene in the AK comic where JC and Tommy are facing a horde of boiler zombs in a back alley/derelict street etc, its a cold night, lighlty snowing, JC is standing basically in shorts and nothing else, Tommy cocks his head and asks " Man, you must be cold? ", JC just smiles and casually says " The son of god is never cold. " Tommy replies, " no, I guess he wouldnt be..." Giant brawl ensues... thats JC !

Variations of Fighting JC