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Official Gēbì de Plume image

Gēbì de Plume was the first 3AA Exclusive released by ThreeA. This guise of Nom de Plume is featured in the story in the WWR Books told from the perspective of Lieutenant Frank Pillitar. This narrative tells us of the battle in the Gobi basin where Martian forces are attacking a Terran unit who is hiding over a ridge and about to lose the battle with their malfunctioning AI Harold robots. Gēbì de Plume defeats the Martians and Lieutenant Pillitar and his CO witness the results.

This prose piece is labeled "INTERCEPTED_HELD_N.O.M." which suggests that N.O.M. seeks to keep their group a secret and mystery. Even more interesting is the fact that Lieutenant Pillitar's CO also denies the existence of Gēbì de Plume.

Gēbì de Plume has been released in both WWR and WWRp scales.

Tagline from box

"Desolate solitary despair"

Gēbì de Plume
Gēbì de Plume
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