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How2work logo

How2work is a Hong Kong based toy company that specializes in the licensing and production of designer toys collectibles from comics and movie properties. How2work has the official licensing rights in various renowned Asian comic characters as well as characters from movies worldwide. Initially, the company began producing 1/12 scale action figures, but How2work has since developed vinyl toy products and other collectible items. How2work has worked with Coca-Cola, Santa Inoue (井上三太), Nara Yoshitomo (奈良美智), Eric So, and Jade Dynasty (玉皇朝). Some of their most popular products and licenses include Smurf, Ashita No Joe (鐵拳浪子), Tokyo Tribe 2 (東京暴族), Le Petit Prince (小王子), Moon Forget, and Initial D (頭文字D).

How2work produced the first 1/6th scale Ashley Wood figure Les Mort 13.

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