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Kitty 10 pack

Kitty, also known as Dothan, is the singer for the punk group Funlicker 2215. Kitty is known for having taken advantage of many characters in the Popbot Universe and therefore is being hunted by The Gathering of People and Robots Wronged by Kitty League LLC. Kitty is often seen with his bodyguard Popbot and is apparently old friends with Maxx, as seen in Popbot issues one and two.

The Kitty figure was released widely as a bonus to the Popbot figures. He was also released as a DIY version at 北京聚會 (2010) (also included with Ascended Popbot) and the extremely limited surprise release Kitty Ten Pack, which saw a total of seventeen variations of Kitty released. The DIY Kitty is the only figure available apart from the random assortment.