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WWR Iron Panda Large Martin

Large Martin is a bot in the WWR series. Whereas Damn Large Martin has two cannons, Large Martin only sports a single cannon over his right shoulder.

In the WWRp scale, Large Martin figures were first available in multiple sets on Bambaland during the Wave Three release. There were three Large Martin 3 packs, all of which included a Large Martin, a Damn Large Martin and a RPG Bramble. In addition, there was also a 3x3 pack which included all three of the 3-packs, as well as a free WWRp Blanc de Plume. Finally, there were 3 special packs that were dropped at unannounced intervals: a Frosty Choad Super Pack, a Under the Bed Super Pack, and a Large Martin NW DW DIY set. Each of the 2 "Super Packs" contained a Large Martin, a Damn Large Martin, a RPG Bramble, a Bertie Mk 2 and a Square². The Large Martin NW DW DIY set contained (2)Large Martins, and (1)Damn Large Martin.

New WWRp scale Large Martins are scheduled for release as Retailer Exclusives in 2011.

Printed Text from the Box

Rothchild Large Martin MK1;

Weight: 4,002 kg

Dimensions: height 3,5m; width 2,9m

Range: 350 km

Armour: 250mm; plates 300mm

Armament: J Holmes 203mm ONYD cannons - DLM 2 x ONYD

Powerplant: Brink Twin turbocharged diesel, 900hp

Large Martin is the successor to BOB, a moderately successful stop-gap artillery robot from Rothchild. Large Martin was initially released with single cannon configuration, later models were fitted with twin cannons and became known as Damn Large Martin.

Large Martin was developed by Rothchild as a more effective way of handling large Bramble Mk2 platoons which were proving to be quite unstoppable on the battlefield. A Large Martin herd (LMH, 8-12 Large Martins) can effectively lay waste to the opposition from a tactical distance and has become the standard for "softening" the opponents' position before sending in Dropcloth gunners to handle the survivors.

Large Martin does not have the land speed of Bramble Mk2 or Bertie Mk2, but coupled with the standard Square2 accompaniment running support and retrieving field data in advance makes Large Martin a formidable robot to face.

Large Martin was first deployed in the now legendary Martian siege of Moscow, which saw the largest Martian forces ever assembled on Earth held at bay for four days (in large part thanks to the BIG RED Large Martin division) whilst the Earth Coalition organized an effective rear-guard attack. Now a standard fixture on all battlefields, the only real question: What will Rothchild manufacture to counter Large Martin's dominance?

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