Lolli XXXmas Tomorrow Queen

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Promo image for Lolli

Lolli XXXmas Tomorrow Queen is a special limited Tomorrow Queen figure release for the Popbot toy line released at Bambaland and Bambasia on the 1st of December, 2011. Lolli comes with two wakizashi, a pistol, and garter holster. This figure was fit into the Hatchery's schedule so that she could be pre-made and shipped immediately after the order date.

Lolli XXXmas Tomorrow Queen was originally referred to by Ash as "Loli TQ" so many fans adoringly refer to her as "Loli" (a term referencing Lolicon). Lolli, on the other hand, is a name that likely refers to the Australian short-form term for "lollipop" and, therefore, referencing her pink-striped candy styled jumper.

On the Bambaland item description, Lolli is described as "Mortis sneak Queen, behind the lines." Whether she is Tomorrow Queen pretending to be Mortis or vice versa, has yet to be seen.