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Popbot is the name of an award-winning prestige format comic book written and illustrated by Ashley Wood and published by IDW Publishing. The Maxx creator, writer & illustrator Sam Kieth helped Ash script the first issue.

There are eight single issues released so far, collected in different formats.

Popbot publications

  • Single Issues 1-8
  • Popbot Reader
  • Popbot Collection Book 1 (Contains #s 1-3)
  • Popbot Collection Book 2 (Contains #s 4-6)
  • Complete Popbot HC (Contains #s 1-7)
  • Popbot Big Beautiful Book


The following figures have been released or announced in for Popbot:

Popbot characters

The following characters appear in the various Popbot publications:

Popbot time lines

The following known time line in Popbot universe: