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The BST Board Rules are a list of rules for the Unofficial 3A BST Forum that were created with the purpose of keeping the BST Boards organized and deterring potential abusers from taking advantage of the community. Since the BST Boards is not a marketplace but, rather, a place where users can meet other 3A Forums members who are interested in buying, selling and trading; there is a limited influence that the BST Boards staff has in ensuring that all private transactions go smoothly. Additionally, since it is not a legal sales or auction site, the staff has no valuable authority when it comes to the laws integrated in buying and selling. With this in mind, the BST Board Rules are meant to help keep the methods of buying, selling and trading as simple and direct as possible and pose only as a connecting community for the potential of private transactions amongst its members.


Core Rules

A public record of the BST Boards User Agreement and Rules:

  • 3A is not affiliated with this fan-run website. The only relation is that these forums were created for the 3A community.
  • You are responsible for all your actions and choices regarding any transaction that you take place in. The Unofficial 3A BST Forum receives no money for this community and the BST Boards, nor its staff can be held liable for any failed transaction that takes place. Although the staff here may offer guidance, any failed transactions must be worked out between the two (or more) parties involved as usually bound by PayPal rules (this is why we do not recommend using "Gift" option.
  • To participate in the Unofficial 3A BST Forums, you must be an active 3A Forums member. This means that you participate and contribute quality posts to discussions on 3A Forums (regardless of post count). All registrants are accepted [pending. approval] by using our Application system in the New Recruits section, at sole discretion of the BST Forum team. If an existing BST Forums member would like to invite a friend to this community, have them apply as a New Recruit and post your positive comments in their Application thread.
  • Being registered is not the end of the process. After you have read these rules, you must apply in the New Recruits section. You will not see the BST section of these boards until your Application has been accepted. If we take time, please be patient. If we deny your Application, it just means that we want to get to know you better thru the 3A Forums community.
  • Please Do not bother us with requests for an invitation or updates to your status. If you have not received an invitation from a moderator, please use our Application system.
  • DO NOT contact 3A Staff asking for BST Boards access. 3A Staff (including 3A Forums moderators) do not have the authority to grant you access here.

General Board Rules

  • If you are found abusing these forums or its members (at MOD discretion) you will be Banned without Warning. For example; don't expect you can get good deals here just to flip a figure on eBay, or buy items here to turn around and sell them for more for profit. Equally, we will not tolerate flaming or trolling of any kind. DON'T BE A SHIT. Warnings or bans are dealt with on a case to case basis.
  • Only Toys and Art (and related books/paraphernalia) are allowed to be sold and traded here. They don't necessarily have to be ThreeA products. If you are not sure about something, do not post it (or ask). Original art/toys are welcome here!
  • In the spirit of the Gifted Exclusive figures (see list here) and respect for 3A's idea behind them, Blanc de Plume, DIY de Plume, PuddingBoss, Invitation TK, and similar gifted figures do not belong here (even in signatures!).
  • Don't argue about the rules. Questioning is encouraged if you do not fully understand them, but let's all be respectful. Please PM one of us moderators before drama-mongering about ANYTHING publicly.
  • No duplicate threads across sections. Choose a single area of preference.
  • Do not discuss BST threads in the Discussion area.


  • If you don't like an asking price, don't buy it. Simple as that. We don't want to hear you bitch and moan about a price that you don't agree with.
  • Want to Buy Threads can only be made for items that have already gone on official sale/pre-sale. Mule requests are also not permitted. A "mule request" is defined as asking for someone to pick up an item for you that they do not yet have in hand. This includes (but is not limited to) events like HKV, SDCC, 3AA hook-ups, etc...
  • In WTB section, you are allowed to have more than one individual thread for different categories, but please moderate yourself. For example, one thread for comics, one for 3A figures, one for other toys, etc.. but keep like items grouped. Excessive failure to consolidate threads will issue Warnings.


  • Want to Sell threads must include a unique photograph of the specific item(s) for sale that also includes a handwritten sign with your username and the date of the listing. They must also include an asking price for everything listed. These images don't need to be high resolution, people can PM you for better images if they'd like. There are no exceptions to these rules. If your image isn't ready, your listing isn't ready to be posted. Selling without providing images will issue you a Warning.
  • Yes, this means the item must be in hand to be listed for sale!
  • Be honest!! All condition items are welcome here, but if you are selling a damaged item (or box, etc) post pics of it so people can see the damage.
  • Sellers cannot require a buyer to pay "Gift Only" in PayPal. This should be merely an option for the buyer. Listed prices must be without "Gift" option (though you can include both).
  • Absolutely no selling of items that are listed on eBay. If you are caught doing this, it is an immediate temp ban until the situation is cleared up.
  • Sellers can "take offers" so long as you list an asking price (as detailed in one of the rules above). But do not post those offers in the thread, because if you want an auction go to eBay.
  • This is a closed community with membership by invitation-only or by acceptance via the Application system. Buying or selling for non-members is not permitted.

Trading, Original Art, and Scrapyard

  • Want to Trade threads follow the Selling rules for offering an item - Item must be in hand before being offered for trade (photo's not required at this time)- and follow the Buying rules for asking for an item.
  • All Original Art listed must be of your own intellectual property or an original piece by the artist owning the property. DIY toy repaints are the only exception to this rule.
  • Scrapyard section is for FREE items (charging only shipping/paypal fees) and TRADING of loose or broken bits.

Other BST Rules

  • BST threads will be locked upon creation if necessary. All sales must be carried out in Private Message. Consider your threads as database listings. Use the search function to find specific items that you are looking for.
  • No "bumps," update declaration posts, or second posts of any nature. If you have edited your BST thread with updates, you can reflect this in the subject of your thread. All second posts will be deleted or edited into the opening post. Responses are welcome in the Feedback and Original Art areas.
  • For Closed Transactions, please do not delete the information relevant to the threads. Instead, simply mark the subtitle or subject of that thread saying that the transaction is complete, closed, sold, etc... and a moderator will archive it. This is a security precaution!
  • Raffles are simply not allowed.
  • No requests to "split" pre-order packs. Period. It is not something that can be properly monitored and it poses too great a margin for complication.
  • Retailers, no pimping your sites. WTS threads should be for either personal use or BST exclusive sales.

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