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Hot Toys Ltd is a Hong Kong based company who specializes in the production, design, development and manufacturing of high quality collectible toys. Hot Toys began by producing 1/6th scale military action figures, but has continued to grow and expand over the last decade. The company is now best known for its 1/6th scale products featuring real-life likeness of characters and celebrities from video games and live-action films.

'Hot Toys has obtained the official merchandising rights for a large range of international motion picture, anime, and video game properties such as The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Astro Boy, Assassins Creed II, Bio Hazard, Aliens & Predator, and for celebrities such as James Dean and Michael Jackson. The company has also collaborated with Hong Kong art group Brothersworker and Kennyswork.

Lead by president Howard Chan, sculptor Yulli, painter JC Hong and art director Kojun are collectively one of the highest respected art teams in the industry. Their action figures retain some of the most realistic likeness in the entire medium.

Hot Toys collectible figures are sold by distributors worldwide and are recognized for great critical and commercial success.

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