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Mak & Colan

Colan Ho is a Hong Kong based artist who participated in Hong Kong Venture (2009), exhibiting sculptures and toy designs. He has worked in collaboration with Mak Siu Fung to develop the independent art company United Planet.


(extracted from website)

In 1994, Colan created the Amazing Twins, which clinched numerous major design awards. His work is in the collections of Hong Kong Heritage Museum and Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe, Germany.

In 1999, Colan authorized Hitachi Japan to employ the Amazing Twins as spokespersons in commercial advertisements. In April 2000, the "Welcome to Amazing Planet" travelling exhibition was held at Laforet Museum of Tokyo, Osaka and Fuguoka, Japan.

Colan formed Esperanto Design Workshop in mid-2000, and created "The Rocket Club" and "United Planet" series of figures and related products. Besides the commercial ventures, Colan participated in "Contemporary Hong Kong Art 2000", " Art+01 - A Digital Exploration", "Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2004", etc.

In 2006, Colan was commissioned by Hong Kong Arts Centre to created public art work Sunday Afternoon. In same year, he held the first sculpture exhibition "Memories of the future" at Hong Kong Arts Centre.