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0024491 from 3AVOX Newsletter

0024491 is the first 1/6th scale toy released as a bonus with the 3AA membership and was available in 3AA Bonus Pack (2012).

This cyborg character from the Adventure Kartel universe is described as the only surviving member of the group F-LEGION. He can be presumed a neutral character since his only allegiance is that with his programing to protect the Northern Suburbs.

Text from the Newsletter

A relic from the NORTHERN SUBURB wars, the only
remaining member of F-LEGION.

F-LEGION were experimental cyborgs designed to help
the ADF against the hoards of robots pillaging the
northern suburbs of New Andria!

0024491 was the only member to return from the mys-
terious ROBOT ISLAND after an ill-fated assault.
00024491 has never spoken of the mission and to this
day still carries on his prime directive to protect the
northern suburbs from all the trouble merchants and shit