DIY de Plume Contest (2010)

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The DIY de Plume Contest (2010) took place on 3A hyperboards between December 30th and February 1st of 2009 and 2010 respectively. The contest required board members to design an original creation and concept for their DIY de Plume customization plans. The purpose of the contest was to find ThreeA fans who genuinely wanted a DIY de Plume for customization purposes, and as a fun way to gift the figures out to those people.

Contest Winners

A list of DIY de Plume Contest (2010) winners (listed by 3A hyperboards username).

  • Makadi3000
  • Spooky Boy
  • therethere
  • Fireflew
  • BFLV
  • anubis2night
  • rerezero
  • wwwetworks
  • pollyanna
  • When Forever Comes Crashing

Winning Entries

Makadi3000's Luna de Plume
Spookyboy's Death de Plume
therethere's Fallen de Plume
Fireflew's Nom de Hun
BFLV's de Plume Experience
anubis2night's Nom de Plume Origins
rerezero's De Plume type99
wwwetworks' Elite de Plume
pollyanna's Rinn de Plume
When Forever Comes Crashing's Plague Bringer