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A Gatling Gun is a large, multi-barrel belt-fed weapon in the WWR Universe, utilized by multiple bot types. In general appearance it is very similar to the modern M61 Vulcan cannon. Scale aside, there are two basic varieties of Gatling Guns available - a 6-barrel version, and a 3-barrel version. All feature a flexible ammo belt that runs between the gun and a specialized backpack.


Bramble Gatling Gun

The first model to be equiped with a Gatling Gun was the Bramble Mk 2 in the WWR scale. Like the real-world Vulcan cannons, it has 6 rotating barrels. In Wave One, some of the WWRp scale Bramble Mk 2 releases were armed with a Gatling Gun. Like the larger version, it was 6-barreled.



Bertie Gatling Gun

WWRp Dutch Merc Gatling Gun

In Wave Two, nearly all the Bertie Mk 2 figures also were armed with a Gatling Gun, which were 3-barreled.


None available


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