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A Machine Gun is a firearm in the World War Robot Universe, utilized by multiple figure types. Currently, three varieties are available


Machine Gun style 1

WWR Deimos Liberator Dropcloth machine gun

Machine Gun style 1 has no real world equivalent firearm, but somewhat resembles a M3 submachine gun or "Grease Gun". The WWR scale gun has a removable clip as well as a spring in the cocking lever. It lacks a shell ejection port, and the clip size would indicate that it is closer to an assault rifle than a submachine gun.



Armstrong Machine Gun

The Armstrong Machine Gun is a light machine gun carried by 1G Armstrong bots. It has a top-mounted clip similar to a Bren but curves backwards - which is contradictory to standard bullet shape.


None yet available


Grunt Machine Gun

The Grunt Machine Gun is carried by Terran Grunts in addition to a Shotgun and Pistol. A full profile view has yet to be seen, but it appears to be based on a MP7 with silencer and large scope.



None yet released.

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