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First Mongrol advert

Mongrol is the second 2000 AD figure released under ThreeA's Showcase brand. Mongrol is from the ABC Warriors and the first 2000 AD figure to be available in both the standard edition and the limited Blackhole edition, which was sold exclusively at Bambaland. Mongrol is the first of the Meknificent Seven to be released, along with The Mess, an accessory that attaches on his shoulder.

Additional Photos

Packaging reveal with WWRp bot size comparison
Blackhole Edition
teaser from 3AVOX
arm detail from 3AVOX

Portable Mongrol

A portable Blackhole Mongrol was released as a toy exclusive at Reventure Hong Kong (2012). This is the first that the 2000 AD toy line has seen a figure released in 1/12th scale and will likely not be the last.

1/12th scale promo