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A brief Time Line created by 3A Forums user Pitu that tracks the events of of the Popbot Universe.

1889 – Brinefellow hosts a séance (its an attempt to communicate with spirits) and has a vision of creature which he draws on paper and writes Cleth on it.

1930 – The first Popbot looking thing appeared in Europe helping the Third Reich (Germans) take it back.

1934 – Below Athens Greece, what looks to be a man standing before the Devilbot, Devilbot says to him “for a small gift I can offer you all your hearts desires”.

1960-1970 – The first love bots where introduced, now called Mortis . 1998-1999 – 2215 Funlicker Tours.

2203 – The five year Race riots that transformed London from her former greatness begin, This was a Large Scale drug war between the Yardies & European-Backed Skins, They took it to the streets using high grade military weaponry, London joined the war as if it was a soccer match, the struggle continued for 5 years with no end in sight, until a Yardie named Muffett set off a small yield tactical nuke in Picadilly Circus, in 24 hours fires swept London leaving nothing in its path.

2219 – Lady Sham arrives in london.