Sockpuppet Gangster

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Sockpuppet Gangster was once a small time thug named "El Gallo Rojo" who was infamous for wearing a sock on his right han. One day, El Gallo Rojo acquired polyester slacks from his local Yakuza clan that were much too small. The thighs of the tight pants rubbed together and caused El Gallo Rojo to spontaneously combust, leaving behind the sentient Sockpuppet Gangster. Sockpuppet Gangster funded Kitty's off-world tours on a loan, but Kitty never returned to pay his debts. He was told Kitty was dead, but discovered that Kitty was still alive while watching The Gee Bob Show.

Sockpuppet Gangster has sent the 5 Brothers to hunt Kitty and collect his dept.