Whitey Balls Kitty

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Whitey Balls Kitty

Whitey Balls Kitty, most often referred to as DIY Kitty, is a Beijing Exclusive DIY Kitty variant. This was the first release for Kitty that was given out as a free gift at 北京聚會 (2010) much similar to the Bagged Severed Head at Hong Kong Venture (2009). Attendees received their free Whitey Balls Kitty on opening night when they returned their ThreeA sticker, which was the entry pass for opening night.

Second run

A second run of DIY Kitty was also available in the Underverse 3 pack; which included Popbot (character), Badbot and Ascended Popbot), without the header card. The main way to tell the difference between the two is that Whitey Balls Kitty has an open hole in the bottom of the figure whereas the DIY Kitty that came with Ascended Popbot has an enclosed hole.

Painting featured on header