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Lasstranaut as featured in the Hong Kong Venture Poster Set

Lasstranaut is the iconic female astronaut from the Popbot comic books. She and her brother Ladranaut are riders of the Cosmic Umbilical Cord on a mission to apprehend Alpha 65A. Despite her story not being addressed in great detail yet, Lasstranaut is an extremely popular character in ThreeA community.

Lasstranaut is an announced figure release, but ThreeA has dedicated a great deal of research and development in perfecting the design and engineering of her infamous bottomless spacesuit. Lasstranaut was also featured on the t-shirt of the Tomorrow Kings Oyabuns and the related bonus Lasstranaut t-shirt as well as KDA TKYO Security.

When asked why Lasstranaut is not wearing any pants (trousers), Ash simply replied: "riders of the cosmic umbilical cord need pants not !" [1]