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Official Little Shadow promo

Little Shadow is Tommy Mission's on and off again girlfriend. She is not a member of the Adventure Kartel but, rather, a member of the Shadow Family. Little Shadow is known to fight the undead alongside Tommy. Accessories with this figure included both sneakers and high heels, messenger bag, and Skullboom.


Text from the 3A Newsletter

The latest punch from the world of Adventure Kartel, LITTLE SHADOW. The public face of the Shadow Family and part time girlfriend of Tommy Mission. With her trusty Skullboom at her side and possessor of the Cleopatra's fist attack, there isnt much that can stand in her way, whether its kicking a Zomb's head in, or stomping Tommy's choads!

Official description of Little Shadow

She has dined with Roman Emperor's, and fought gods of the Underworld! She has seen vast Empires crumble and fade. She has killed many, and has been killed many, many times! Her Shadow, cast across this world, to fight the Eternal Enemy!

She is The Three-Thousand Year Old Teenager!

Variants of Little Shadow

Additional Little Shadow Photos

Standard Little Shadow
Standard Little Shadow Box Art
Photo by iroha
Photo by iroha
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