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Mak & Colan

Mak Siu Fong is a Hong Kong based artist who participated in the Hong Kong Venture (2009) show, exhibiting sculptures and toy designs. Mak Siu Fung has worked in collaboration with Colan Ho as United Planet and developed figures with ThreeA that have been canceled.


(extracted from website)

Mak Siu Fung belongs to Hong Kong's first batch of figure sculptors who appears in the 90s. He studied anime creation in Japan 1993. When he return to Hong Kong in 1997, he joined the Oriental Newspaper Group as assistant art director. During the period, Mak was frequently commissioned by organization to create model figures.

The same year, with a subsidy from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, which Mak applied for as an individual, he published the children's book "The adventures of WaiWai and the little cats", which then developed into a series"The Dream World of WaiWai". In 1999, he held a solo exhibition at Broadway Cinematheque.

Mak Siu Fung became a freelancer in 2002, and formed "United Planet" with design-partner Colan Ho. In 2006, he held the first sculpture exhibition "Memories of the future" at Hong Kong Arts Centre.

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