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In the threeA fan community, abbreviations are often used for many of the various figures / bots / series. This is a list abbreviations and definitions.

Property Abbreviations

General Abbreviations

  • 3AA = threeA Associates, the special threeA club that grants you purchasing privileges on Bambaland.
  • Drop = The time or date a release is going to be released on Bambaland.
  • TPB = Comic book jargon for "Trade Paperback." Usually a single softcover book that collects multiple issues into one book.
  • HC = Comic book jargon for "Hardcover", same format as a TPB but with a hard cover.
  • CNY = Chinese New Year

Robot Abbreviations

  • Mk 1, Mk 2, Mk 3 (Mark 1 etc.) = The designation giving to the updated versions of robots in World War Robot. For example; a Bertie Mk 2 consists of a Bertie with a long slender body, big gorilla like arms and specially designed feet. A Bertie Mk 3 is an updated version of the same bot which will utilize a much bigger body, much thicker and effective armour than the Mk 2 and also greater firepower.
  • LM, DLM = Large Martin, Damn Large Martin. Artillery robots from World War Robot, Large Martin has one cannon and one breastplate while Damn Large Martin sports two cannons and a modified breastplate.
  • DC = Dropcloth, a human like robot and the most common bot in World War Robot.
  • TK = Tomorrow Kings, clones from the Popbot Universe engineered to fight the Mortis (female robots).
  • HTK = Heavy Tomorrow King
  • TQ = Tomorrow Queen, female characters from the Popbot Universe who are not clones. Their exact relation to TKs is yet unknown.
  • Wave = Is what we use to define the different release groups from the WWRp toy line. A wave consists of several robots released in a single series. Wave One from WWRp consisted of nine Bramble Mk 2 released on Bambaland and Wave Two consisted of seven versions of the Bertie Mk2 bot released on Bambaland. ("Wave" could also be considered the stylized terminology for each series within the WWRp toy line).
  • 0G = Zero gravity, or moon gravity.
  • 1G = Normal gravity, or Earth gravity.

Colorway Abbreviations