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N.O.M. Commanders

N.O.M. is a faction in World War Robot which sides with neither the Earth Coalition (Religious to a point at which they do not allow another belief on their world) or the Martians (atheists who left Earth to live on Mars) and are fighting their war to reunite humanity and put and end to the Great War. Their logo and beliefs are based on the trinity in which humanity must exist and one day return.

N.O.M.'s true enemy is M.O.D., who seek to stop N.O.M. and keep the war in constant motion.

N.O.M. stands for "Not Ordinary Men".

It has been hinted that the Nightwatch and Daywatch Colorways are actually under N.O.M. control. Once the intentions of N.O.M. are revealed, the Nightwatch and Daywatch bots will begin to become rusty and dirty. One Daywatch figure - the Daywatch .2 Heavy Bramble Mk 3 has already been made with weathering.

N.O.M. allegiance figures

A list of N.O.M. related toys: