NOM Nightwatch Heavy Bramble

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WWR scale NOM Nightwatch montage
NOM Nightwath Heavy Bramble image used for release on Bambaland

NOM Nightwatch Heavy Bramble is a Heavy Bramble Mk 3 robot in the WWR Universe that sports the nightwatch colorway. Originally produced in 1/6th (WWR) scale, it was first released during the Daywatch Nightwatch Commanders drop as a surprise, and few days later was made available again on Bambaland for approx 24 hours due to demand.

It is the first robot to bear NOM markings, as well as the first Nightwatch colorway toy to have grime, rust & wear on it.


NOM Nightwatch Heavy Bramble has only been released in WWR scale.

Product Code: 20113
List Price: $280.00


NOM Nightwatch Heavy Bramble in the WWRp scale was announced[1] for SDCC 2011

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