Tracey the XXXmas Tomorrow Queen

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Promo image for Tracey

Tracey the XXXmas Tomorrow Queen is a special limited Tomorrow Queen figure release for the Popbot toy line released at Bambaland and Bambasia on the 18th of November, 2010. Tracey comes with two wakizashi, unique platform heels, and a Severed Soot Diver Bot Head and is the first Tomorrow Queen with a Western name.

Text from the box

The XXXmas TQ admired her new slick
vinyl XXXmas dress, soon it would be
covered in hot oil she thought, squirting
from severed pneumatic tubing of a Mortis
Soot Diver.

She wonders what this Mortis brand oil
would taste like?, she had thought on this
subject for many years.

Never daring a taste, as if this would break
a long standing arrangement to do so.
Maybe today, she would severe the pact as
well as the head.

The dressed squeaked and moaned as if


Photo by iroha
Photo by iroha
Photo by iroha
Photo by iroha