Bertie Mk 2 Singles

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WWRp Bertie single figures

Bertie Mk 2 Singles are individually boxed Bertie Mk 2 figures released during Wave Two of the World War Robot Portable toy line. These figures were also available in the Bertie Mk 2 7 pack, but were released as singles available via Retailers. Three Retailer Exclusive Bertie Mk 2 Singles were released as well. These were gifts from ThreeA to certain retailers who gave ThreeA large support by ordering an unspecified, large amount of Bertie Mk 2 Singles.

Bertie Mk 2 Singles

A list of variants released as Bertie Mk 2 Singles:

Retailer Exclusives

EMGY Bertie Retail Exclusive
Ghost Hunter Bertie Retail Exclusive
Sand Crab Bertie Retail Exclusive

A list of Retailer Exclusive Bertie Mk 2 Singles: