Bloody Dirty Deeds Bertie Mk 1

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WWR Dirty Deeds (Bloody Edition) Bertie Mk 1 photo from Vinyl*Pulse
Signature Plate included with WWR Dirty Deeds (Bloody Edition) Bertie Mk1

Bloody Dirty Deeds Bertie Mk 1 is a Bertie Mk 1 in the WWR scale that sports a variant of the Dirty Deeds colorway.

Bloody Dirty Deeds is the most rare of the 1/6 scale Berties. It was designed by Bigshot Toyworks in conjunction with Ashley Wood prior to the forming of threeA. It was first released at the New York Comic Con in 2008 and was the very first piece to ever be available when it comes to the modern incarnations of Ashley Wood's World War Robot. There were only 6 of 50 available at the con and were sold via lottery. The rest were distributed based on a list that was compiled at the con and through email inquiries. Bloody also came with a 1 color signed print depicting Bertie holding a severed head.

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