Fuck-It One

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Fuck-It 1 censored cover

Fuck-It One is an art journal by Ashley Wood and T.P. Louise originally printed in softcover by IDW Publishing. The first print release featured an censored cover that titled the book "F.I." and a limited release uncensored cover that said "Fuck It." The idea behind Fuck-It is to collect whatever art Ash feels like putting together at the time, to enjoy putting together a current collection of work and to not stress over traditional publishing deadlines and business concerns.


Fuck-It 1 uncensored cover

The uncensored version was not appreciated by fans, as censoring the title of the book completely contradicts the theme of the book (as described on the first page of the book). This contradiction and the demand for a hardcover release lead for Ash to re-release the book as Fuck-It One (Version 2) under the independent ThreeA Publishing brand as well as all future Fuck-It releases.