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Gimbat's News is a daily (and often hourly!) column on 3A Forums organized by 3A Staff member Gimbat in order to maintain a one-stop access point for all official daily news in the ThreeA world, including but not limited to: Direct announcements by Ashley Wood or 3A Staff on 3A Forums or twitter, 3A Production Blog or Ashley Wood blog posts, figure production and pre-order information, shipping updates, retailer pre-order updates, miscellaneous ThreeA news around the web, and significant ThreeA Legionnaire activity and achievements within the ThreeA community.

Gimbat also consistently maintains Facebook and Twitter updates to provide further options for fans who want to keep updated and assists Pitu by contributing those updates to the Official ThreeA Facebook Page and ThreeA Online Twitter Feed.

Gimbat's News is the best place to keep up to date with new information regarding ThreeA, especially if you don't have the time you would like to spend on 3A Forums. It is, at the very least, the first thing I read every morning and the last thing I read every night before bed. -- ennui

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