Hand of Fate

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Tommy Mission holding the Hand of Fate

The Hand of Fate is an accessory included with most Tommy Mission figures. It is one of the few items produced by ThreeA from glow in the dark plastic.

Though only hinted at, it seems the Hand of Fate helps Tommy out of sticky situations during his adventuring, as in this excerpt from 'The adventure Kartel Story' as it appears on the 3A Legion Outpost: “Hurgle” Boiler Zomb uttered as he began chew on the Hand Of Fate. “The Hand of Fate, my mistress!” It suddenly occurred to Tommy that the hand had been freed. “BY THE HAND OFFFF FAAAAATE!” Tommy bellowed! An intense storm of light filled the secret lair blinding Zomb MD and his trusty Boiler Zomb. The room was filled with the sound of a hundred clicks as the power of the hand unlocked every lock, button and clasp in the room. Zomb MD’s belt gave way and his trousers fell down. “My Love!” Tommy sighed as the chains around him fell limp, useless on the floor. Gathering the Hand of Fate from the stumbling, blinded Boiler Zomb. source?