Elite Hatchery Guard Tomorrow King

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Elite Hatchery Guard Tomorrow King, Box Inset

Elite Hatchery Guard Tomorrow King was originally sent as an invitation to select people - known as the "Invitation Hatchery Guard", and was boxed in a clear plastic box with paper sleeve without a Severed Bot Head. It was also available for purchase at 北京聚會 (2010) with the Severed Bot Head, and came in a traditional ThreeA paper box with graphics. Accessories for both the Invitation and Beijing versions include utility belt and a pair of butcher knives. Released by ThreeA under the Popbot toy line.

Invitation Hatchery Guard Tomorrow King

Action Portable Hatchery Guard

Action Portable Hatchery Guard advert

The Action Portable Hatchery Guard is the 1/12th scale release of Hatchery Guard and was sold on Bambaland without a bot head.

Promo Art
1/12th scale Hatchery Guard