Night of the Inky Black Things 2 pack

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Shadow Tommy and Terence the Intellectuals Choice Zomb 2 pack

The Shadow Tommy and Terence the Intellectual's Choice Zomb 2 pack is an upcoming special release that includes a new version of Shadow Tommy and Shadow Zomb. These "Inky" versions are a stronger, bolder black. This set will be a secret release at Bambaland sometime in the near future.

Text from the Advert

So why is he hanging with Tommy?

Why is Tommy all inky emo?

And how do you steal your own soul back, when you didn't even have one to start with?

Why check you moblie for missed calls when you know no one has called? Ever...


And the band played Ladri Della Notte, and somewhere a tear stained an old faded photograph of a forgotten father.

Figures in the 2pack


Photo by Alex Wong