Peaceday Massacre

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The Peaceday Massacre is an event that took place on Earth when the Earth Coalition and Martian forces gathered in Stockholm, Sweden to discuss a truce. Key robots during this event were the Peaceday Dropcloth Corp. and EMGY Dropcloth Unit.

Printed Text from the Peaceday Dropcloth Poster

Peace Day... it was anything but.

On the twelfth month of the Martian/Earth conflict, both sides suggested a conference to bring about an end of their dispute. Stockholm would be the city to host what should have been a great moment in history, instead the Swedish capital was the scene for what was to become known as the Peace Day Massacre.

At the insistence of both parties, the Rothchild Corporation was given the job of supplying neutral security for both the attending public and invited dignitaries. On the day of the conference, Rothchild rolled out the 24th, their images sold to the awaiting media as the Pink Peaceday Corp. These pink colored Dropcloth Units bore a strong resemblance to the infamous Dawn's Blade Shock Troop battalion, but similarities was lost in the hype and expectation of the day. An official report was tabled shortly after the Peace Day incident, which suggested that the Peace Day Corps was in fact non other than the Dawn's Blade Shock Troop battalion, simply re-badged and still using their highly aggressive SAFQL programming. To this day, such allegations remain unsubstantiated as the investigators and the witnesses cited in the report have since disappeared.

Despite the lack of live or credible witnesses to the massacre, many experts believe that the massacre was sparked by the release of the 100 Doves. The Doves, relesed as a symbolic hope for peace, mimicked fast the moving erratic SPAZ munitions as they took flight, Pink Dropcloth were allegedly heard to cry "Incoming" and the massacre inside.

The EMGY civic defense system responded in 10 minutes but by then the damage was already done. The slaughter quelled by the EMGY TRG units, left hundreds dead and wounded, removal of the defective security force was swift by Rothchild, the Peace Day Dropcloth Corp was never seen again.

In the aftermath of the massacre, each delegation, rather than continue to strive for peace, now both pointed hateful fingers. Each accused the other of plotting the attack and of attempted assassination. The outcome of Peace Day was not the realization of peace that both worlds had been striving for, but a new firm commitment to war.

Only one of the peace Doves survived that day, his name, Edwin.