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Official Rehel promo

Rehel is a the lead singer of the Christian Devil worshiping band Cloven Heart and a member of the Adventure Kartel. His story is yet unknown but according to the 3AVOX Newsletter, only Tommy Mission notices that he looks like a Zomb.

The toy features a new headsculpt, unique hand sculpts, and original shoes. Rehel sports the Adventure Kartel hooded tracky uniform top, but clearly prefers to wear his own shorts instead of the tracky pants.

Rehel is the first standard release Adventure Kartel figure to include a poster without mini-comic.

Text from the 3AVOX

Rehel is the lead singer of Christian Devil worshiping band CLOVEN HEART, and member of the Adventure Kartel. But damn doesn't he look like a Zomb?, none of the Kartel seem to notice, except Tommy! 3AA members will have access to the Dark haired variant wearing the 3AA exclusive CLOVEN HEART Tshirt.

Variations of Rehel

A list of variations of Rehel: