Severed Mortis Bot Head

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Popbot: Original Mortis Head
Popbot: Hatchery Guard Mortis Head
Popbot: Mortis Head for Action Portable TK's

The Severed Mortis Bot Head is the most common Severed Bot Head released. It is also commonly referred to generically as "Severed Bot Head" or as "Jenga" (due to the "Fuck Jenga" advert) and is an accessory for most of the Tomorrow Kings single and 3 packs, as well as the Elite Hatchery Guard Tomorrow King.

The standard color is orange. The Blanco and Negro heads are all White and all Black, respectively, and the Elite Hatchery Guard head is painted to match his colour scheme.

The Action Portable Tomorrow King also came with a Severed Mortis Bot Head accessory. Like the others, this one is also in one-sixth scale.