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Frosty Choad promo image as seen on Bambaland

Frosty Choad Super Pack is a limited pack of WWRp figures in the Frosty Choad colorway that was available during the Wave Three sale. It was originally announced (as seen in the advert to our right) that this pack would include the Deep Powder colorway, but production stills have revealed this to be a new, unique colorway.

Each bot in the Frosty Choad Super Pack has a name painted onto it. Ashley Wood confirmed that the names refer to the band members of Joy Division.

  • Peter : Peter Hook
  • Berney : Bernard Sumner
  • Gillian : Gillian Gilbert
  • Ian : Ian Curtis
  • Stephan : Stephen Morris

The pack includes:

Frosty Choad set
Frosty Choad boxart
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