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Jeremy Geddes (photo by Aster Ng)

Jeremy Geddes (also known as Jem or Jez) is an artist living and working in Melbourne, Australia. Having studied painting in the early 90s, Jeremy initially worked in video games as an art director. In 2003 he returned to painting full time and has since had his paintings published and exhibited around the world; most recently, ThreeA's Hong Kong Venture (2009) and Běi jīng jù huì (2010) with Ashley Wood. He has received multiple awards including the Spectrum Gold Award for his comic cover Doomed #4. His most popular themed paintings so far are the Cosmonaut series.

Jeremy Geddes and Ash will have an upcoming art event in 2012 at New York's Jonathan LeVine Gallery.

Figures designed by Jem

A list of figures released or announced that are designed by Jeremy Geddes:

Designer Toys, Urban Vinyl Toys, threeA Toys
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