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Lady Sham painting by Ashley Wood

Lady Sham, also known as Anahita, is a leading protagonist in the Popbot comic books. With the help of her nine sisters, Lady Sham had successfully defended early Martian traders from slavers and the Mortis. Eight of her sisters died during this event, leaving only Sham and Misty Slush, who both went into hiding. As the Mortis threat renewed, however, Lady Sham found herself forced to return and fight. Her leading goals are to hunt Mr. Bridger, awaken the Benzinphtine, and have her revenge with Kitty.

Lady Sham is the wife of Punk King.

Variations of Lady Sham

Additional Images

An early painting of Lady Sham by Ashley Wood
Lady Sham Polystone Statue by Sideshow Collectibles and 7174
A Lady Sham painting by Jeremy Geddes for Popbot Reader