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Popbot film promotional logo

Popbot (Film) is a stylized, independent motion picture production based on the Ashley Wood Popbot comic books, published by IDW Publishing. The film is produced by Pete Ford's Resolution Independent, directed by Bruce Hunt, and Ashley Wood as creative director. Writing credits list Hamish Berger, Hugh Fleming, TP Louise, and Ashley Wood.

A DVD was handed out for free at SDCC (2011) that features a fifty-tree second teaser of Kitty slurping milk out of a woman's breast through a straw, followed by a montage of Ash's Popbot artwork.


From Internet Movie Database:

Based on the award winning series of graphic novels by Ashely Wood and TP Louise, Popbot tells the story of a misfit group of punk rockers that find themselves in the rather surprising position of having to save humanity from a legion of homicidal robots. This unlikely quest takes our anarchists to the far reaches of the galaxy and to the very edge of sanity as they discover that's there's more to saving the planet than releasing a few "protest" tracks.

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