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Unofficial 3A BST Forums

The Unofficial 3A BST Forum, also commonly known as the BST Boards, is an invitation/application only private community originally created by ennui for the 3A hyperboards community.

When 3A Forums first started out, there was an official BST section of the boards. As this section grew larger, it began demanding more attention and Ashley Wood decided that it was getting out of hand and a distraction from 3A Forums' intended purpose; therefore, the entire BST section of 3A Forums was disposed of altogether.

Ashley Wood's only comment regarding the matter was "3A forums isn't a flea market. if you want a bst forum, make your own" (paraphrase, quote deleted with a thread dump)

The Unofficial 3A BST Forum's purpose is to give the 3A Forums community (viewed as those who participate in the discussion threads and themed threads that take place) a place to buy, sell, and trade (BST) their 3A toys (and like items) amongst one another. Currently, the only way to gain access into the BST Boards is to participate in the 3A Forums community, be a positive contributor, and use the application system or invitation system that can be found on the BST Boards [1].

Upon being asked about the Unofficial 3A BST Forum at SDCC (2010), Ash said simply: "I trust Cody's judgment."




A list of BST Boards moderators:

BST Boards Rules

The first five Rules of the BST Boards:

Full list of rules: BST Boards Rules

  • 3A is not affiliated with this fan-run website. The only relation is that these forums were created for the 3A community.
  • You are responsible for all your actions and choices regarding any transaction that you take place in. The Unofficial 3A BST Forum receives no money for this community and the BST Boards, nor its staff can be held liable for any failed transaction that takes place. Although the staff here may offer guidance, any failed transactions must be worked out between the two (or more) parties involved as usually bound by PayPal rules (this is why we do not recommend using "Gift" option.
  • To participate in the Unofficial 3A BST Forums, you must be an active 3A Forums member. This means that you participate and contribute quality posts to discussions on 3A Forums (regardless of post count). All registrants are accepted by invitation from an existing BST Forum member or by using our Application system, at sole discretion of the BST Forum team.
  • Being registered is not the end of the process. After you have read these rules, you must PM me to confirm this and request Account Verification. You will not see the BST section of these boards until you have verified your account.
  • Please Do not bother us with requests for an invitation. If you have not received an invitation from a moderator, please use our Application system.

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