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Dead Adventurer's Circle of Dark Natured Labs, or Circle of Lab for short (also known as Circle of 5 or the Satanic Labrador Circle of Distruction and Dark Things), is a group of 5 Labradors in the Adventure Kartel Universe described as "The canine pirates of New Luxor." ASsh once mentioned that Custard the Satanic Labrador used to be a member of Circle of Lab until he became buddies with Bleak Mission. It is unknown exactly why Custard decided to leave the group, but Ash has confirmed that Circle of Lab and Bleak Mission have a history and that Circle of Lab are not happy with Custard's leaving them.

The Circle of Lab 5 pack was released as a spontaneous secret drop during Bleak Mission's pre-order.

Text From the Box

Text printed on the box:

Death, misery, despair flowed from the Labrador paw, its dark part in the play of life known only unto it's self.

The Circle of Dark Natured Labs are
made up of ex companions of some of
the world's greatest adventurers.

The Circle of 5 are waiting for their 6th
member, Custard, Bleak Mission's
Labrador buddy.

Why do these sinister dogs all wear eye
patches? What is in those backpacks?
What are their ultimate dark plans for
the Adventure Kartel and the world?

Of course the Circle like to call their
unit S2=(2²)+1, just to show their
higher ground of intelligence. Soon to
be 2¹­(2² - 1) !

Circle of Lab promo image
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