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Copperhead-18's Dr. Cube advert

Copperhead-18 is an original creative property of Kenny Wong developed under this independent brand Kennyswork. All the figures are designed by Kenny Wong with the exception of Snowpea, which is Ashley Wood's contribution to the SeaMonkey collaboration between ThreeA and Kennyswork. All the figures aside from this collaboration have been produced and developed by Hot Toys. A rare sight in 1/6th scale collectible figures, Kenny's Copperhead-18 figures are created with real world materials such as metal, leather and copper.

Copperhead-18 is the name of the main team in Kenny's story who are responsible for removing dangerous human waste such as underwater mines from the Earth's ocean, which has now engulfed the land. They are also responsible for protecting the marine life so that they are not extinct because they are humans' only source of food and nutrition.

The Copperhead-18 figures have so far all been released in a standard edition as well as a special edition. The special edition figure is all white and comes with an extra stand for their accessories and helmets.

Kenny Wong has reimagined the Copperhead-18 design in many designer vinyl toy collaborations including, but not limited to, Squadt, Trexi, Gookii and Be@rbrick.

Copperhead-18 Figures

A list of Copperhead-18 characters:

  • Dark
  • Dig
  • Dr. Cube

Copperhead-18 x ThreeA

A list of Copperhead-18 figures created by ThreeA:

Copperhead-18 Story

The End of the Dark Century

Every year at this moment, there are a group of youngsters gathering at the Omohugla highland. Before the flooding this highland had an elevation of 5,000 meters, but now it has changed to be a gulf. This group of youngsters have just finished two years of tough ground training. During their golden period at the age of 18, everyone has a glowing spirit and energized body which led the youngsters to dream of going to the deep sea to explore.

To them, ocean means everything in their lives. However, at 18 years of age, they do not know this year is the biggest crisis in their lives. Due to people excessively extracted the natural resources before the occurrence of flood, pollution are widely made. The earth would never recover to its beauty. On the other hand, some ambitious political leaders initiated numerous wars in order to occupy the decreasing land and water. Everyday there were casualties and people were suffering from wars and plunder. The war lasted for decade of years and the civilian were the sole victims. The world had no paradise ever since. The so-called "Century of the Darkness" has officially commenced. Decade of years of war have rearranged the world order. Population has dropped dramatically. The resources and economy of every country are at risk. Due to the shortage of resources, several projects of the space exploration are abandoned. Nevertheless, all the countries' research projects have switched towards the deep sea.

Since the competitive projects of deep sea exploration have commenced, every country is unscrupulously extracting the limited resources in the ocean. In the past, the ocean was full of vitality. However, after years of extraction it has changed to be a lifeless place. Thousands of the marine organism are extinct. Only those which are living in the seabed with more than 200 meters depth can be survived. Yet to get awaken, people did not know a disaster is approaching quietly because of the excessive pollution and waste of resources. Without any omen, at a night with no moon, flood flushed into the plains and farmlands. It seems like the flood wanted to purify everything in the world. People who live in the highland were able to survive and at dawn they saw a new world. They realized a new century has been started and the "Century of the Darkness" was ended.

After the flood there are not much lands left besides the endless ocean. People realized from now on they could only have the ocean. Ocean is their life and it means everything to them. Luckily went through the "Century of the Darkness", people got tougher and adapted to live in the ocean which is 300 meters below. There is still a world full of natural resources and food. In order to protect the equilibrium of the oceanic lives to match the basic requirement of each year, the new government has already engaging in a series of environmental reserve tasks such as examine the quality of water and to protect the marine life food chain. In addition, the most important scheme will be to take away numerous torpedoes, landmines and other radiative stuff which are threaten to human life.

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