JDF EMGY Armstrong 1G

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JDF EMGY Armstrong 1G advert

JDF EMGY Armstrong 1G is a very special World War Robot Portable toy release in 1/12th scale that was created as a Bambaland Exclusive to aid Japan. Every cent earned from the sale will be donated to a Japanese welfare agency to aid those affected by the effects of the March 11th earthquake and tsunami. In doing so, ThreeA covered all manufacturing, shipping and associated costs. Further more, all previous Japanese customers of 3A will receive the toy for free.

The JDF EMGY Armstrong 1G is an unusual Armstrong 1G in that it has the hard plastic canisters on it's front that are normally reserved for Armstrong 0G models, rather than the fabric pouches. Ashley Wood has stated many times that sewing is one of the biggest costs in figure production.

Retail Price: $55